Andreas – wenige Monate war er alt, als er von einem Rudel erwachsener Hunde angefallen wurde

2019 12 26 andreas 12 

*ca. Anfang August 2019 - 48 cm - 16 kg - Athen/Liana 

Andreas ist ab nun Familienhund.



Pflegefamilie in 41539 Dormagen (bei Köln)

12.02.2020: Andreas ist ein sehr verschmuster und verspielter Hund.
Er ist mit allen verträglich, auch mit Katzen, stubenrein, kann einige Stunden alleine bleiben und macht nichts kaputt.

- Ansprechpartnerin: Birgit Roepke

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31.01.2020: Dass Andreas noch lebt, das hat er Liana zu verdanken. Es war wahrscheinlich ihr sechster Sinn, der sie am 23.11.2019 zu der Stelle führte, an der zuvor die beiden Welpen Emil und Lotta von anderen Hunden getötet worden waren.

Liana kam gerade an dieser Stelle an, als ein Hunderudel über Andreas herfiel. Es gelang ihr, den Welpen zu retten. Ihre komplette Mail hierzu ist am Ende dieses Beitrags zu lesen. 

Seit diesem schicksalhaften Tag am 23.11.2019 ist Andreas in der Obhut unseres Vereins. Liana brachte ihn in eine Pension, in der er liebevoll umsorgt und behütet wurde.

Heute kam Andreas am Düsseldorfer Flughafen an, hat ein Pflegekörbchen und wartet von dort aus auf seine Familie-für-immer.

Hier ist Andreas am 23.11.2019, unmittelbar nach seiner Rettung:

Sicher in Lianas Auto:

2019 11 23 andreas 7

2019 11 23 andreas 8

2019 11 23 andreas 9

2019 11 23 andreas 16

2019 11 23 andreas 4

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Andreas am 29.12.2019:

2019 12 26 andreas 7

2019 12 26 andreas 9

2019 12 26 andreas 10

2019 12 26 andreas 1

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2019 12 26 andreas 6

2019 12 26 andreas 11

Fotos von Andreas vom 28.01.2020, etwas mehr als zwei Monate nach seiner Rettung und kurz vor seiner Reise nach Deutschland - behütet und umsorgt in Ranias Pension:

2020 01 28 andreas 1

2020 01 28 andreas 2

2020 01 28 andreas 3

2020 01 28 andreas 4 

Hier ist Lianas Mail vom 24.11.2019: “Yesterday afternoon there was one more attack by the dogs that killed Emil and Lotta. This time there was a "happy end" - well, I would like to believe that it will be "happy". 

I decided to drive to the place where these dogs live - just to have a look. When I arrived there, I heard a lot of wild barking. This continued for 2-3 minutes. I understood that they were barking at a small dog, based on my experience with Emil. Then I heard a young dog screaming from pain. At that moment I saw the dogs from a distance of 100 metres. I shouted at them non-stop, and they turned their attention to me. They started walking towards me (always barking!) but one of them stayed with the attacked dog. I remained calm and continued to shout at the dogs to stop and go away from the attacked dog. Fortunately, the last dog went away and came to me. 

I went near the attacked dog (you can see him in the fotos.) I saw that he was a puppy about 4 months old. Poor boy, he was on the ground but he wagged his tail when he saw me... I saw a big bite on his neck. I covered him with my jacket and I took him to my car. The dogs followed me. 

The puppy was so frightened that his eyes were wide open and looked like "glass". At a moment, he started screaming again and the dogs surrounded the car. I continued to keep calm and talked to the dogs. I think that they were having a good time! It was a kind of game for them. 

Anyway, I drove away and parked somewhere else. I checked the puppy's wounds and saw that they were not lethal. There was a deep bite on the neck, but not so deep to threaten his life. It was bleeding a lot but it was not a dangerous wound. And there was another bite with a big "scratch" of the skin on his back, but again it was not dangerously deep. I talked with a vet on the phone and we decided that I could give first aid help and then visit a clinic on Monday if this is necessary. I also called Rania because I could not take the wounded puppy in my home. With 12 dogs and 2 kittens, there is no safe space... 

As I was driving to Rania, I saw that the puppy stood up in the car. He was very shocked but I could see that he was very friendly and loving. He stayed quiet and he didn't make moves to go away or hide. He was a really lovely baby. At Rania's place, we put him in a safe place without any other dogs. He was very thirsty and... very hungry. That was a good sign that everything was going to be OK for the poor baby. 

In Greek there is an expression: "escape from death's teeth". This is for someone who is very near death but manages to survive. Yesterday I think that this little boy escaped from death's teeth... 

Please, is it possible to give a chance to this boy?”

Das Hunderudel:

2019 11 23 andreas 11

 2019 11 23 andreas 10